Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be SCUBA Certified?

Yes, dive tours are for certified divers only. If you need to get certified, consider signing up for one of classes.

What can I see in Monterey Bay?

Monterey Bay offers divers tons to see! With life crawling from the sandy sea beds, to the rocky reefs, and all the way up the giant kelp forests.

When is the best time of year to dive in Monterey?

Year-round! No kidding, Monterey Bay offers consistently decent conditions pretty much all year long. The summer/fall months can provide warmer days, while the winter months can offer better visibility.

Are we diving from a boat, or entering the water from the shore?

Currently, all of our dive tours are shore dives. We do offer monthly fun dives from a dive boat. Fun Boat dives are not guided dives, but there will always be a Dive Master.

What all is included?

The cost of the dive tour includes our expert dive guides ensuring you a safe, fun and knowledgable dive! Gear rental, food/water, transportation, parking, gratuities, and dive insurance are not included.

I only have a few days in San Francisco. Is there any diving in San Francisco?

Unfortunately, there is no recreational diving in the San Francisco bay or coastline. But Monterey is only a short drive south!

Do you provide transportation?

No, we do not provide transportation. We highly reccomend renting a car.

Why can I only book one dive?

We set up our booking platform to only book one dive, but 2 dives is definitely possible. After the first dive, you'll have the option to go for another dive, and we'll take care of the additional payment back at the shop!

What's the visibility and temperature when diving in Monterey?

*We cannot guarantee visibility or conditions.* Visibility ranges from 5ft to 10ft during the springtime, but with occasional great visibilit. With better averages the rest of the year ranging from 10-25ft. Temperature ranges 55F to 59F.

Which dive site are we diving?

One of our favorite dive locations for tours and to take divers for their first time diving in Monterey is San Carlos Beach, just a few blocks down from the shop! We can also dive many other dive sites in Monterey!

Do you offer dive tours year-round?

We do! The sea is always changing! Every season offers different benefits from types of animals to visibility!